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and joins us from the site where he was killed. >> reporter: good afternoon. 17-year-old robert orlando spent the last day of his summer fishing with friends at a nearby lake. he was blocks away from home last night at 9:00 at night. you can see this afternoon, people have placed flowers. there is a sign as well as the site where this accident happened. there's also a golf club sitting here on the ground. that's because orlando was on his high school golf team according to relatives i talked with today. he was all set to start his senior year today here in danville. classes started this morning. relatives said this young man was smart, outgoing and generous. >> he was a charismatic, young man who lived to fish. he was involved in football and sports all of his life. we're devastated by the loss of him. >> reporter: this deadly crash happened at ten minutes before 9:00 last night on el capitan drive. there were three teenaged boys in the car when it veered off the road and crashed into the tree. orlando was killed in the accident. his two friends survived. the 17-year-old driver suffered
are dead after a police stand off. robert honda is at the scene and joins us live to explain what happened. good afternoon, robert. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, as you can imagine it has been a hectic morning in this neighborhood and they are still investigating the situation here that left two people dead. the stand off started after 8:00 this morning when the public safety dispatch center got a call from a man claiming he had killed someone, they quickly swarmed the neighborhood. investigators say they made numerous attempts to contact the man inside his home. now take a listen as officers did that just before the sound you will hear of loud rapid gunfire. >> come out with your hands up. [ gunfire ] >> that point the individual charged the officers with a weapon and the officers were forced to own open fire and shoot the individual. the individual was pronounced dead at the scene, in doing a protective sweep we did confirm another dead body inside the residence. >> neighbors we talked to say they believe the dead woman was his wife. they are still investigating and not confirmed
with a temporary fix for the cracked bolts. the fix could involve steel shims used to strengthen the span until a permanent repair is made. engineers say the temperature solution would not hamper any work being done on a permanent fix. that work could be done at the same time. many say this would be a lot safer than the current cantilever span in use now. >> the old bris is built on timber piles. that bridge has had steel pilers on it that need to be fixed. the question is when are we gonna open it? >> reporter: now, if they, indeed, decide to open up the new span over the labor day weekend or, for that matter, whenever they open up the new span, they will have to temporarily close the old span for a days. published worsts says chp is ready in -- reports say chp is ready in case the opening is labor day weekend. sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. >>> meanwhile, as the construction continues on the new eastern span, new energy- efficient lights are set to be turned on tonight. the l.e.d. lights are said to use half of the energy of other light bulbs and last five times longer
hours ago crews resumeed their search of a three square mile area in vallejo, mike nemack joins us with that. >> reporter: we will get to that in just a bit. we want to get you up to speed on a new development. 10 minutes ago i saw a sheriff's boat being pulled out of the water here so i called him. i said hey what is happening. why are you pulling them out. he said there has been a new development. i said did you find a body. he said i can't confirm that, all i can say is we are expanding to a new area, we will get more on that later he said possibly 30 minutes. meantime we got new video we shot 30 minutes here north of us shows search and rescue crews pulling and poking at a comforter along the shore and also found an old white boat they left alone but definitely checked out. i would say in all 70 search and rescuers are looking for one missing woman. they are on foot, they are on the water. this is the search for oakland's sandra koch. >> we are also going to use dogs. they do have specially trained dogs that can search lakes. >> the lake is adjacent to 6 flags discovery kingdom
man died. janine de la vega joins us now from the scene. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. police have left the scene but you can still see some of the evidence best behind. bullet holes are in the restaurant and the windows and i looked inside. you can still see there's a lot of blood in there. owners have a lot of cleaning up to do before they can open again. people who live near the restaurant were not pleased to see bullet holes riddling the outside when they visited the strip mall on alum rock. >> it's feeling awkward and unsafe and unsecure. >> reporter: police say at 10:00 last night, numerous gunshots were fired into the restaurant and bar, startling customers. three men were hit. >> it was like two, three shots. at first we didn't pay attention to it. and then about 20 minutes later, those -- we knew it was five shots. >> the victims were taken to the hospital. two had non-life-threatening injuries but the other man died. police describe him as asian in his mid-30s. sources say he was an engineer just enjoying a drink with friends. >> they were jus
the fire direction has been so unpredictable. ktvu's claudine wong tells us about the new evacuations ordered in the face of the growing fire. >> let's give you a look at the fire area, to the west pine lake and there they are trying to save structures and homes. here is highway 120 it makes its way through the fire zone, it is still shut down near groveland. on the east side yosemite national park, the fire has made its way past the boundaries and is two miles from the reservoir. conditions are shaping up for another difficult day, more were told to leave overnight. >> you could see the redness where it was burning and then about 10:15 last night the deputy came by and told us we should leave. >> he spent the night in the park, daybreak brought the news that firefighters lost ground and the fire gained it. more firefighters are on the ground today but veteran says crews are getting beat up and what is happening on the line is unheard of. >> our second year of drought. our fuels are tender dry and i just think that everything is aligning with the weather and what is going on in calif
and joins us live with who police were looking for. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. there was a massive police presence on story road. it used to be closed in both directions for the past hour and a half. it's back open. officers were looking for a man who tried to rob this check- cashing place. police saturated the area of story road near carl looking for a man armed with a gun. officers say just before 8:00 a.m., he confronted an employee of a check-cashing facility on story road showing a firearm. shots were fired. the suspect ran away into the neighborhood. police called in the s.w.a.t. team and secured a perimeter around a half-mile area. residents were told to stay inside because they believed that the gunman was hiding somewhere there. chopper 2 was above the scene when officers finally located him just after 10:30 on cinderella drive. they brought him out on a stretcher because he injured. >> it appears he was in the rear of a residence in the 200 block of cinderella. he was resistant to officers. he's transported to the hospital for injuries he sustai
inside a home in oakland. the father was also killed. ktvu's mike mibach joins us live from the scene in oakland. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. the house behind me is the center of the investigation. detectives focused on the bedroom. you can see the window shattered. the hunt is on for the person or person whose shot and killed the father and son. >> the time 2:46 a.m. shots fired. 400 block in east oakland. >> the shooting took place at the rear of the residents. the suspect entered the yard and shot through the rear of the residents. >>> father and his one-year-old son who were sleeping inside the room. the father died at the scene. >> he was a good guy. 20 years old. >> reporter: his son drew jackson died at the hospital. >> crazy. shouldn't no baby deserve to died. shouldn't no mother burry their child. the violence needs to stop. >> reporter: her nephew was a smiling active baby. >> liked to play outside. liked animals and all the other stuff. loved to play. and now we have to go home and my sister has to explain to her daughter. >> reporter: the shooting is a re
and be among the first to know if the strike happens. you can also "like" ktvu on facebook, follow us on twitter or download the moeb app. in the event there is a strike, we'll be on the air 4:00 a.m. monday morning to help you navigate the commute. >>> while b.a.r.t. negotiations goes on a.c. transit aboard plans to meet tonight with the union representing its workers. that closed door session is scheduled for of 6:15 at the a.c. transit offices in oakland. it includes the workers' union representing bus drivers. their contract with a.c. transit expired at the end of june. there's no word what will be discussed in the closed-door session. >>> we are following breaking news from the u.s. supreme court which has rebussed to delay the reese -- re-- refused to delay the release of inmates ordered by judges. they were supposed to release 10,000 state prisoners by the end of the year to ease prison overcrowding. the state arced most nonviolent offenders are being held by the counties. >>> today crews began to test the new anchor rods being used in the bay bridge. they were tested in a salt
is there and tells us whether the driver is -- is facing charges. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. you have cars, bicyclists and trucks in close vicinity of each other in this accident. this is the latest accident. i just got off the phone with the san francisco police department. they say this appears to be an accident. for now, it's still under investigation. the driver will not face any charges. this after a 24-year-old woman they say was kill as she was riding her bicycle on folsom. this is around the same time a boxed truck was trying to make a right turn onto 6th at folsom. police say the driver didn't see the bicyclist and collided near the right rear tire of the truck. >> a bicyclist pulls up from the rear traveling eastbound folsom. as he begins his turn, he says he hears a noise, stops his truck, gets out and see the bicyclist on the road. >> reporter: after she was hit, the victim was taken to san francisco general where she died as a result of her injuries. she has not been identified yet. neither has the driver. we spoke to a bike rider on 6th and folsom this morning. he said this l
are finally reopening lanes. bryan flores has been monitoring this all morning and joins us live from treasure island. >> reporter: good afternoon i wish i had better news but traffic on the bay bridge continues to be a mess. cal tran was expected to open all the lanes by noon but they just extended it to 3:00 p.m. we understand the far left lane near 5th street is the only one that remains open at this hour. it has no question become a headache for commuters today. >> we know of the monday morning traffic on the bay bridge. nothing quite like this. >> the damage is done and there's not much we can do about it now. >> around 5:45 huge flames came shooting out of this big rig. this is video shot by a commuter as they passed the scene. you can see the huge flames coming from the truck. this is another view from another viewer. >> he pulled to the right shoulder, exited his vehicle and saw smoke coming from within the compartment. >> the driver was on his way from castro valley to south san francisco to make a delivery when his front tire blew out. just before the 5th street exit he moved to the
across parts of the bay area because of dangerous fire conditions. ktvu's alex savidge will tell us about how crews are preparing in a moment but first, we begin our team coverage with steve paulson who explains the weather conditions outside. >>> well, it's a tale of three different forecasts. if you are near the coast, fog or sun. if you are south bay or parts of the peninsula, it's mostly sunny. although there's one little band of clouds going through the south bay. north bay and parts of the east bay. a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy. it's cool, warm, hot, muggy. a little low off central california is producing a lot of cloud cover and it will be with us through thursday morning. i think a bert opportunity for showers is tuesday. the red flag warning is out for lightning, for causing fires. it's very dry and hot. already 93 in livermore. yesterday they were 102. san francisco is 61. half moon bay, also 61. a huge difference. watch the clouds streaming in. you can see they are definitely taking aim more towards the east and north bay. some of that looks like it wants to produce rain. not
.a.r.t. and joins us with how things are looking. >> reporter: we're here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. this is. pittsburg/baypoint train pulling out. on the other side of the tracks there is an sfo-bound train. commuters are already looking forward to this evening's commute. regular b.a.r.t. passengers and riders mingled on board trains headed to san francisco this morning. >> i work for otis in san francisco. i have to be in the city for my job. i knew i couldn't drive in the city because of the bridge. so i took b.a.r.t. >> reporter: regular passengers said today's ride was standing- room only. >> not as crowded as usual. better chance of getting a seat but it is standing room only. >> reporter: the transit agency estimates they carried 161,000 passengers through 10:00 this morning. 30,000 more passengers compared to the same time period last year. >> we're seeing a lot of people at b.a.r.t. this morning and seeing lines back up at the ticket lines. >> reporter: and riders are already thinking the commute home could be a rough one. >> i'm gonna be standing. it will be squeezed in he
are making some progress in containing it. alex savidge is here telling us why the governor met with firefighters this afternoon. >> reporter: the governor is at the fire command center right now getting an update from crews. 3,000 firefighters on the front lines. they gained some ground overnight. they now have 15% containment but there are still a lot of homes and precious natural resources still threatened by this huge fire. >> i think we have what we need, but this is a -- kind of a daily, eferred -- every day we take a look at it. and i will certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more than we have. >> it's unreal. >> reporter: from the air you can get a sense of how big the fire has grown. this is new video from a national guard plane. the fire has grown to 150,000 acres of forestland. more than 4,000 homes and other buildings are in danger still and firefighters are also working to save two giant sequoia growths. >> those trees were up to 2,000 years old. we have the crews trying to save them. we'll backburn through them. put in sprinkler systems
is absorbed by the additional medical payments they want us to pay. >> reporter: if the buses stop rolling tomorrow, it would leave about 180,000 riders in a tough spot. many say they have no other way to get around. >> kind of strands me. i want to be able to get around. >> reporter: this man told me he uses a.c. transit every day. if the system's 1600 workers walk off the job, he will be walking everywhere. >> i'm a new york guy. i don't drive a car. either on foot or public transportation. >> reporter: this contract dispute centers on salary, health care costs and rest breaks for employees. rhonda robinson has been driving anle a.c. transit for 14 years. >> i'm really concerned about them. we have to get to work. a lot of times they can't afford the park. >> reporter: a union negotiator told me employers are not asking for anything outrageous. she's hopeful a deal can get done. riders can keeping their fingers crossed. >> i wish they would settle it quickly. i'm the guy is impacts a lot. >> reporter: a yoon run -- a union negotiator said she's ready to bargain up to the midnight deadlin
robbed. who police are looking for and what the robbers used to get inside. >>> good afternoon. our breaking news is out of oakland -- oakland, where a decision was just made moments ago for the opening day of the bay bridge. cal sas sas was there for the decision and is live. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the bay bridge is -- is scheduled to open on labor day. they just made that decision moments ago here at the mtc headquarters building in oakland. they were also talking about the plans and how they are going to do the closure, which will take about five days. the recommendation came after the bay area toll authority came and gave recommendation to the board. >> i move to the recommendations. >> i will second the recommendation. >> and i will make that action unanimous. item 1-a is approved. >> reporter: now, the labor day opening was put back on the calendar after bridge officials received a letter from the federal highway add nin stration saying there was no reason to put off the opening. -- administration saying there was no reason to put off the opening. the bolts will be
national park is about ten air miles away to the east of us. yosemite is not affected by the fire. it's not burning within the park boundaries. however, as you heard, 120, the main access road, is shut down. so you will have to go another way to get in and out of yosemite. no injuries reported so far this afternoon. the cause of this fire is unknown. there was lightning activity two days ago when the fire started but firefighters have not been able to get to the point of origin to try to determine exactly what caused this fire. we'll be up here all day long tracking the fire conditions and we'll give you more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. live at the command post, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. >>> air national guardsmen based in the bay area are now on the fire lines. the guardsmen from the 129th rescue wing left moffett field to join the firefighting effort. there reports -- there are reports that other departments are in yosemite fighting the fire. >>> the firefighters fighting the rim fire are facing tough weather conditions. mark tamayo has more on that. >> not on
to the u.s. conclusion that it has used chemical weapons. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well-established international norms against the use of chemical weapons, by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region like israel and turkey and jordan, and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. >> earlier, secretary of state, john kerry told the nation, the united states knows the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people and will take action. kerry said the chemical attack killed at least 1,439 people. 426 of them children. he said it's important that the united states and other nations respond. >> it malters because a lot of other countries whose policies challenge these international norms are watching. they are watching. they want to see whether the united states and our friends mean what we say. >> kerr
's policy changes but some were skeptical. >> i do think opening up drug use, especially to young kids, can lead to further problems down the road. i would be careful and very circumspect about what you legalize and exactly what drugs you do legalize. >> reporter: the attorney general along with the president says that this is a pragmatic approach to crime fighting. the attorney general will now go to various cities across the country to gain support. back to you. . >> thank you, brian. >>> former secretary of state hillary clinton is also at the american bar association meeting today. she is set to receive the aba medal for distinguished service at 3:00 p.m. today in san francisco. she will address the delegates. >>> today the alameda coroner is scheduled to cut an autopsy on the body found in vacaville friday. the identity is not expected to be released until tomorrow. the family of missing oakland woman sandra coke fears the body may be the 50-year-old. coke disappeared just over a week ago on friday police moved the search for her to an area near lagoon valley park in vacaville. that's
carrying tons of u.s. mail jackknifed in the east bay spilling letters and packages all over the freeway. now, this happened just after 5:00 a.m. on northbound interstate 680 on the sunol grade near the sheridan road offramp. as you can see in the picture, traffic is backed up for miles. still, these are live pictures right now from newschopper2. the chp says that truck could be completely out of there by about 2:00 this afternoon. it has been moved off to the shoulder right now and there is some traffic getting by. but as you can see, there's still an enormous backup. there's concern for the afternoon commute since that is already a very crowded stretch of roadway as people leave the silicon valley heading back up to the east bay. officers opened two of the northbound lanes around 7:30 this morning. as you can see, traffic remains backed up for miles. that was a picture of the -- of the male truck turned over on its side. the poetal service had -- the postal service had to send other trucks to get the mail. that's why it's taking so lodge. there was also an ambulance that responded to t
joins us live from san jose where police are trying to take hundreds of sex offenders into custody to make the streets safer. >> reporter: this is a concern for authorities because we are very close to a school. this task force is focusing on a homeless encampment here. they are searching for transiates who are sex offenders who haven't registered. the task force, 9 law enforcement officers is conducting a two day sweep. there are 535 sex offenders in the county who are registered as transients. they are required to register where they are living every 30 days. authorities are questioning the homeless if they live there if they have seen certain sex offenders. >> it is extremely challenging. you can see remnants of clothing, garbage that is disposed of and they are hard to find. we -- you know, they they have look outs. they have a way of notifying people down here law enforcement officers on the way. >> reporter: the task force made 8 arrests. and one was a parolee but no sex offenders have not been arrested yet. the five that have been questioned have been in compliance. some sex
, a lifetime of indignities taught them no man can take away the dignity and grace that god grants us. there learned through hard experience what fred dick douglas once taught, freedom is not given it must be won through struggle and discipline, persistence and faith. that was the spirit they brought here that day. that was the spirit young people like john lewis brought to that day. that was the cities and their neighborh
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